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Staffing changes in the Housing Management team:

Last updated: 2.55pm, Tuesday 26th February 2019 by

25th June '14: All tenants, please be aware that there have been some staffing changes within the Housing Management Team. A full list of the changes has been provided below, detailing which addresses are affected by the staffing changes.

Anne McAlpine who has been a housing officer with the Association for a number of years has been promoted to the post of Planning and Performance Officer. As a result of Anne leaving Housing Management, there have been a number of changes within our Team.


From 30th June 2014 William McArdle will be the housing officer for tenants who reside in Academy Street, Ardgay Place, Ardgay Street, Cullen Street, Culrain Street 80-92, Culrain Street 114-176, Dalness Passage, Easdale Drive, Eckford Street, Fendoch Street, Gilmerton Street, Glenturret Street, Ochil Place, Ochil Street, Shettleston Road 578-660, Shettleston Road 1278 – 1392, 3,9,15 St Mark Street, Strathord Street.

To contact William telephone 0141 763 2997 or email


Annette Rintoul and Tammy O’Brien will be the housing officer(s) for tenants who reside in Annick Street, Darleith Street 4,64,68, Kenmore Street 37 – 71, Old Shettleston Road 40-70, Shettleston Road 270 – 280, Shettleston Road 577-637, Shettleston Road 701 – 829,Shettleston Road 1145-1151, Shettleston Road 1259 – 1269, Shettleston Road 1441-1539, Budhill Avenue, Castlelaw Gardens 9-57, Castlelaw Street 11-32, Greenfield Place, Ram Street 2-23, Fernan Street 1-5.

To contact Tammy telephone 0141 763 2816 on Mondays, Tuesdays and alternate Wednesdays or email tammy.o’
To contact Annette telephone 0141 763 2809 on Thursday Friday and alternate Wednesdays or email


Allyson Fraser will be reducing her days of work and will not therefore be available on Fridays.

To contact Allyson telephone 0141 763 2891 or email

Allyson is housing officer to tenants who reside in Etive Street, McNair Street, Old Shettleston Road 336 - 580, Shettleston Road 1097 – 1107, Cobinshaw Street, Eskbank Street, Ardholm Street 31 – 51, Kenmore Street 34 – 84, Vesalius Street 32 – 73

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