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New 'Looking after our customers' leaflet now available!

Last updated: 11.04am, Thursday 20th March 2014 by

Shettleston Housing Association is pleased to introduce our new ‘Looking after our Customers’ leaflet. The leaflet explains how we will communicate and interact with tenants and other service users in 13 key areas. A hard copy of the leaflet can be obtained from the reception desk at our office.

These 13 key areas covered are:

• Access to services
• Basic standards
• Visiting our office
• When you telephone us
• Responding promptly
• Visiting you at home
• Information/documents/leaflets
• Reporting repairs
• Payment management
• What you can do to help us
• Customer feedback
• Complaints
• How we will adjust our performance against these standards

You can view the leaflet by clicking on the link below:

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