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Quicker response to urgent repairs!

Last updated: 2.55pm, Tuesday 26th February 2019 by

26th June '14: Did you know that the Association has improved its target response time for urgent repairs? Following consultation with the Consultation Panel, and taking into account the views of our tenants and service users, the Management Committee approved the new target of responding to urgent repairs within four working days, instead of five working days!

So, what does this mean for you? This means that you should experience an overall quicker response time to urgent repairs, as the new target timescale means that we will aim to respond to within four working days, instead of the previous target of five working days. The Association’s repairs policy will be updated to reflect this change.

Why have we improved on this target? As you know, the Association is committed to improving its services to you, where possible, and incorporating your views when making decisions that affect you. The Consultation Panel was consulted on all our Key Performance Indicators and targets earlier in the year, and the Panel’s feedback was into account by the Management Committee. On reviewing the KPIs, the Panel felt that the target response time for urgent repairs should be less than five working days – a view which echoed the responses of our tenants and service users at a Consultation Event last year. The new target is therefore locally agreed, and is informed by the views of our service users.

What is the definition of an urgent repair? Urgent repairs are those that require prompt attention to prevent further deterioration and extended damage to the property. A specific example of an urgent repair is a roof leak, or any other water ingress, which is likely to cause extensive damage if not treated. Generally speaking, any instance where it would be unreasonable to expect you to suffer a maintenance problem for longer than four working days, would be classified as an urgent repair.

How will we measure our performance against the new target? The Association’s new Key Performance target in relation to urgent repairs is to respond within four working days, in at least 95% of all reported urgent repairs. We over-achieved against this target in 2013/14, where we responded to 96% of all urgent repairs within the target timescale, and we are confident that we will continue to perform well in this area.

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