About Us

Upkeep is a social enterprise established in 2005 and based in the East End of Glasgow. Our roots are in the housing association movement and we fully understand the needs of landlords with regard to maintaining high standards in property maintenance, ensuring a swift turnaround of void properties and ensuring common areas are kept up to scratch.

As a social firm, 25% of our jobs are reserved for people who are disadvantaged within the labour market through disability or social disadvantage. As a socially responsible employer we provide:

  • Permanent employment contracts with good pay and conditions of service.
  • Trade apprenticeships for young people
  • Volunteering placements that offer valuable work experience
  • Uniforms for staff and volunteers to ensure they are smartly dressed and recognisable as Upkeep operatives
  • Training for all employees and volunteers to allow them to carry out their work safely and to increase their skills levels and confidence