Estate Management

Backcourt and environmental maintenance

The outside environment can often determine how easily a property can be let. Upkeep can help tenants and landlords maintain a high standard in backcourts and common areas.  We can also provide a remedial gardening service to householders with private gardens.

We can help you with:

•    De-littering and sweeping of backcourts and common areas
•    De-littering and sweeping of bin shelters
•    Rubbish removal and disposal
•    Bulk rubbish 'pull-out', removal and disposal
•    Garden clear-outs and remedial gardening work

Close cleaning

Upkeep’s standard close cleaning service includes the following elements:

•    Sweeping and mopping of close entrance, stairs and landings 
•    Cleaning of close door windows and controlled entry panel 
•    Cleaning of close landing windows 
•    Cleaning and dusting of railings and tiles

We can customise our close cleaning service to meet your requirements and budget.

Graffiti removal and powerwashing

We will remove unsightly graffiti by the most appropriate method – by powerwashing, use of chemicals or by painting over. We can rejuvenate hard landscaped areas by powerwashing to remove stains, moss and other problems. See our 'before and after' photos for examples.